Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo

After a summer of bleaching and highlighting my hair, it is probably fair to say that my hair is not in the healthiest shape this fall. So in addition to ceasing the bleaching and going with a darker hair color, I decided to give a new shampoo a try. TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo promises to heal your damaged and splitting tresses.

I really must say, this shampoo might have helped if I had purchased it a little earlier, but at this point, I think the only thing that is going to cure my split ends i a haircut.

The pros of this shampoo include that it smells nice and cleans well. The cons are that it costs the same as regular bottle of TRESemme Shampoo, but they seem to have decided to make this bottle noticeably small. True with CVS extrabucks and coupons, I can make this shampoo make less of a dent in my budget, but it's a little disappoint that Split Remedy is not a noticeably better TRESemme Shampoo, but you still get less bang for your buck.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yoplait Simplait Yogurt is Simply not for me!

So I try to diet during the week, because my weekend eating habits are none so great. But I worry about all of the chemical additives and non-food items that are in many of the diet products that I eat, so I was super excited when Yoplait Yogurt came out with a simple variety of Yogurt, which they named, Simplait (cute I know), which only had 6 ingredients... all of which are REAL food. And, I found a coupon in the Sunday paper for buy-one-get-one on this product.

Well, it might be healthier for my body, if I could actually eat it. I tried both the blackberry and the strawberry versions of this yogurt and could not stomach either. Both made me want to gag, the flavor was awful. Plus, each yogurt contained 200 calories, instead of the 50-80 calorie versions of diet yogurts that I usually purchase.

All in all, I'll risk the chemicals and stick to Dannon Light and Fit or Yoplait's Fiber One 50 calorie yogurt, both of those taste yummy (for all their additives) and don't put nearly detract nearly as many calories from my daily goal. If I'm sticking to 1600 calories a day during the week, I don't want to waste 1/8 of them on a terrible tasting yogurt.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nuance Salma Hayek Renewed Radiance Nutrifying Night Cream

So ever since Lancome stopped making it's Hydra Zen for dry skin moisturizer, I've been on the hunt for a new way to soothe my dry skin. I know previously, I posted about Nivia's Skins So Soft... and while that is a great moisturizer for my hands, arms, and legs... it just wasn't quite doing the trick as a face moisturizer.

Recently, I had seen that Salma Hayek had come out with a beauty / skin care line, and honestly my first thought was "Oh great, more marked-up-in-price celebrity garbage!" (Because let's face it, I am never going to buyer Justin Bieber's perfumes) However, I came across some coupons for her products and tied together with a really great deal at CVS, I was able to pick up her Nuance, Renewed Radiance Nutrifying Night Cream, and a Nuance Renewed Radiance Day Cream.

The day cream was alright, it moisturizers, it doesn't smell awful, and it has 15 SPF. All good things. But it doesn't really impress either. It's pretty much the same stuff as a $5 bottle of Dove or Oil of Olay, so don't waste your money there.

The night cream is amazing however. It smells fantastic, and is thick and rich, and really feels like it sinks down into your skin to prevent dryness and cracking. I've been using the night cream (for both day and night) now for about two weeks, and it really lives up to the hype, my skins feels much more hydrated and I'm even having fewer breakouts.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Head & Shoulders Intensive Care Shampoo

So my normally dry scalp is usually even more of a mess during the winter. So this winter months, in order to ensure my scalp didn't look like a snake shedding it's skin... I went on the hunt for a dandruff shampoo and conditioner pair that really packed a punch.

After trying a number of different options, I decided the best shampoo to get rid of stubborn dandruff is Head & Shoulders Intensive Care shampoo.

Head & Shoulders has recently made more of an effort to make their shampoos and conditioners smell more "woman-friendly" as it were... but I should warn you, they did not succeed here. Head & Shoulders Intensive Care shampoo still smells like the Head & Shoulder of the 1980s; however, the demolition of all evidence of dandruff makes the not-so-pleasant smell totally worth it. I usually pair the Intensive Care shampoo with one of the more pleasing smelling Head & Shoulder conditioners, in order to come out with a result that is good for my dry scalp as well as my nostrils.

Not the cheapest shampoo on the market, I usually try to hunt for coupons in the Sunday paper or stock up when I see it on clearance. But if you've got stubborn dandruff, you should give Head & Shoulders Intensive Care shampoo a try, you'll be amazed with the results!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent

Now, I've always been a Tide girl, but I had a coupon recently for $3.00 off Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent... and then it was on sale at CVS for $3.90, so I figured I couldn't lose. It was a magical decision, now I'm hooked for life. Although I'm a little sad that I often have to pay more than a dollar for it.

Not only does the Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent clean as well, if not better than Tide, but it smells heavenly. My laundry smells as if I had put it away in our drawers and placed fresh sprigs of lavender between the layers.

I did not know that a laundry detergent could mimic the scent of a flower so well. If you have not tried Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent yet, you need to do so immediately. There are often coupons in the Sunday papers for it and CVS sometimes has some good sales on the product, where you can luck out like I did and only pay $0.99 cents for it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Colgate 360 Degree Optic White Toothbrush

Yesterday I reviewed the Colgate Optic White Toothpaste ... and as promised, here is the review of the Colgate 360 Degree Optic White Toothbrush I purchased with the toothpaste.

While I was not super impressed with the Optic White Toothpaste, I do really enjoy the Colgate 360 Degree Optic White Toothbrush. I feel that the difference textures and heights of the toothbrush combine to reach all areas of your teeth and between your teeth to give you a super-clean feeling.

This toothbrush does tend to be a little pricier than some of the other popular brands currently available, but I found it on sale at CVS and combined my purchase with the use of a coupon, which led to me getting the toothbrush for a fairly reasonable price.

All in all, I would recommend this toothbrush wholeheartedly, but I would search for coupons before purchasing... but then, you know how I am about coupons.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

So I recently saw an advertisement (and a coupon) for this new Colgate Optic White toothpaste. It promises results similar to those given by whitening strips, by just brushing with this toothpaste instead of your normal toothpaste.

Now, I'm not a particularly big fan of whitening strips, because I feel that they taste awful, and I can't keep still long enough to keep them on my teeth for the required amount of time. So when I saw the ad for this Optic White toothpaste combined with the coupon (you know me, I can't resist a good coupon), I figured I would give the product a shot.

To start with, the taste is a little harsher than my normal toothpaste, but I figured it would be worth it, if it produced the desired affects. Needless to say, it really hasn't. Six weeks in, and I can't see a noticeable difference, I even took a "before" picture of my teeth, so that I wouldn't just be relying on my own fickle memory. I even purchased one of the Optic White 360 Toothbrushes (review forthcoming) to make sure I was getting the full effect.

All in all, not a bad toothpaste, my teeth were felt super clean - but it no where near delivers on its whitening promises... and would be expensive to buy without a coupon, so I think I will forgo it in the future, and stick to the regular level of whitening toothpastes - which deliver the same results for less.