Friday, July 22, 2011

Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health Toothbrush

This has to be, hands down, my favorite manual toothbrush. The variety in bristle lengths and textures really makes you feel like your teeth are getting extremely clean.

It also had ridges on the back of the head of the toothbrush, which help with getting your tongue clean, so you're left with that whole-mouth clean feeling.

While, I'm not as big of a fan of this brush as I am of the Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush line, this toothbrush ends up being a lot cheaper. You can usually find it on sale once-a-month or so, at my favorite store, CVS. But if it is not on sale there, WalMart usually has a pretty good price for them.

Another neat feature of the Oral-B line, is that the company tries to help you track down coupons for their products. You can check out this LINK to their site which will advise you on rebates you can get through the company, as well as how to track down Oral-B coupons in your local papers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Listerine Zero Mouthwash

I've always tried to use mouthwashes, and purchased them with some regularity. But they tend to sit half full on the bathroom counter until my husband eventually throws them out. The problem is, the taste. Most mouth washes are so intense (even the citrus flavored ones), that I simply cannot last 30 seconds gargling that foul tasting garbage around.

That is why I'm super happy to have found Listerine Zero Mouthwash. It's just as effective as Listerine's other products, and does not make you want to spit it out immediately upon swishing some around. Listerine Zero Mouthwash has the flavor of a strong mint gum. So it still can be a little potent, but not disastrously so.

I would recommend it to anyone... but particularly if you have pre-teens and teens that can be

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tide ColdWater Detergent

I always find Tide to be the best laundry detergent! It may cost a little more, but it gets all stains, dirt, and smell out of every last thing you put in the washing machine. I never need to wash anything I was with Tide twice.

This is why I was thrilled to find out that Tide had come out with a cold water option. I was a little worried that it would not perform as well as its warm/hot water counterpart, but I was pleasantly surprised. Tide ColdWater works just as well as regular Tide detergent, and I don't have to use up all the hot water in my apartment to do my laundry. There's no longer a choice to make between taking a nice hot shower or getting nice clean clothes - I can do both at once.

Tide ColdWater, like regular Tide, does tend to run on the pricey side, so I usually keep my eyes open for coupons and good deals. The Sunday newspapers and CVS are usually a big help in securing some wonderful laundry detergent at a not-so-steep price.