Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent

Now, I've always been a Tide girl, but I had a coupon recently for $3.00 off Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent... and then it was on sale at CVS for $3.90, so I figured I couldn't lose. It was a magical decision, now I'm hooked for life. Although I'm a little sad that I often have to pay more than a dollar for it.

Not only does the Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent clean as well, if not better than Tide, but it smells heavenly. My laundry smells as if I had put it away in our drawers and placed fresh sprigs of lavender between the layers.

I did not know that a laundry detergent could mimic the scent of a flower so well. If you have not tried Gain Lavender High Efficiency Detergent yet, you need to do so immediately. There are often coupons in the Sunday papers for it and CVS sometimes has some good sales on the product, where you can luck out like I did and only pay $0.99 cents for it.