Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic Powder by Prescriptives

Hands down my favorite loose powder. Prescriptives Magic Powder has a number of benefits. First, it doesn't clump anywhere on your skin, leaving you with a smooth finish. Second, it takes all shine off your face. So if you are looking for that powder that will make your face less shiny in all the pictures your friends are taking... this is it.

It is a little odd that when you brush it on your face it feels cold. But that is the chemical reaction which makes it "magic" ... pun intended.

Downsides include that it is a little expensive, and that Prescriptives pretty much never offers a gift with purchase. But it's the best powder I've even owned and has made me come out so much better in all the photos that are taken, so I do buy it regularly. I usually purchase it at my local Macys, but I know it's also available at Sephora and other department stores.


  1. can this product remove my post chicken fox problem? thanks

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