Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yoplait Simplait Yogurt is Simply not for me!

So I try to diet during the week, because my weekend eating habits are none so great. But I worry about all of the chemical additives and non-food items that are in many of the diet products that I eat, so I was super excited when Yoplait Yogurt came out with a simple variety of Yogurt, which they named, Simplait (cute I know), which only had 6 ingredients... all of which are REAL food. And, I found a coupon in the Sunday paper for buy-one-get-one on this product.

Well, it might be healthier for my body, if I could actually eat it. I tried both the blackberry and the strawberry versions of this yogurt and could not stomach either. Both made me want to gag, the flavor was awful. Plus, each yogurt contained 200 calories, instead of the 50-80 calorie versions of diet yogurts that I usually purchase.

All in all, I'll risk the chemicals and stick to Dannon Light and Fit or Yoplait's Fiber One 50 calorie yogurt, both of those taste yummy (for all their additives) and don't put nearly detract nearly as many calories from my daily goal. If I'm sticking to 1600 calories a day during the week, I don't want to waste 1/8 of them on a terrible tasting yogurt.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nuance Salma Hayek Renewed Radiance Nutrifying Night Cream

So ever since Lancome stopped making it's Hydra Zen for dry skin moisturizer, I've been on the hunt for a new way to soothe my dry skin. I know previously, I posted about Nivia's Skins So Soft... and while that is a great moisturizer for my hands, arms, and legs... it just wasn't quite doing the trick as a face moisturizer.

Recently, I had seen that Salma Hayek had come out with a beauty / skin care line, and honestly my first thought was "Oh great, more marked-up-in-price celebrity garbage!" (Because let's face it, I am never going to buyer Justin Bieber's perfumes) However, I came across some coupons for her products and tied together with a really great deal at CVS, I was able to pick up her Nuance, Renewed Radiance Nutrifying Night Cream, and a Nuance Renewed Radiance Day Cream.

The day cream was alright, it moisturizers, it doesn't smell awful, and it has 15 SPF. All good things. But it doesn't really impress either. It's pretty much the same stuff as a $5 bottle of Dove or Oil of Olay, so don't waste your money there.

The night cream is amazing however. It smells fantastic, and is thick and rich, and really feels like it sinks down into your skin to prevent dryness and cracking. I've been using the night cream (for both day and night) now for about two weeks, and it really lives up to the hype, my skins feels much more hydrated and I'm even having fewer breakouts.