Monday, March 29, 2010

Nivea Soft Moisturizer

I know the other day I wrote about Lancome's Hydra Zen Moisturizer, but I guess I should have specified that I only use that moisturizer for my face, due to the somewhat outrageous cost. However, for the rest of my body, I use Nivea Soft Moisturizer.

I love this moisturizer, because of its thicker texture than moisturizers, and it feels like it sinks into your skin, instead of sitting on top of it.

I'm also a fan of the tub it comes in, I find it much easier to estimate how much moisturizer you're going to need than squeezing a bottle. Plus, if you take too much, you can put the excess back in! Which you can never do with a tube.

Also, it does not have a strong scent, so I don't find myself smelling like the moisturizer hours after I have applied it.

All in all, in's an inexpensive way to get ALMOST all the features of the Lancome Moisturizer ... and since my arms, feet, etc., are not as sensitive as my face, I feel like I get the same results.

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