Monday, March 22, 2010

L'Oreal Go Clean 360 Facial Cleanser

So, I saw a commercial on TV for this new product, L'Oreal Go Clean 360 Facial Cleanser. The commercial promises "noticeably smaller pores" because it has a scrublet that cleans deep down. Later that week, I found a coupon for this very same product in my weekly newspaper, so I decided to give it a go.

I bought the orange variety, as it promised even more exfoliating qualities than the original green bottle.

Now I must admit, I was excited about this scrublet. As pomised, it is in fact, super soft. And it does feel like it is cleaning deep down in your pores. However, I've been using the product for over two weeks now, and my pores are not any noticeably smaller. And in fact, the pores on my nose, which I most worry about, are not any noticeably cleaner, they still seem to retain dirt and sweat.

However, my face does feel really clean after using this product. It almost stings, but in a good way, which makes you feel like the product is working as promised, and it does in fact clean you, however, it does not follow up on it's promise of smaller pores and no more trapped dirt and sweat. And one final plus for this product is that it smells like apricots, which I love.

Next up for me to try is Biore's Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, which also promise to rid your nose of all your blackheads and dirt.


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