Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lancome Absolute Replenishing Cream Foundation

Lancome's Absolute Replenishing Cream Foundation is my favourite foundation for when pictures are going to be taken of me. It is a rich, creamy foundation which allows for full coverage without feeling cakey. Of course, one should always apply it with a brush or a sponge, because it may get a little cakey if applied with your fingers.

It will last all night, and comes off easily with soap and water. More importantly, when wearing it, your face does not come out all shiny in photos, which I think is super important.

And if you have somewhere to go during the day, this foundation also boasts SPF 20, so that you won't damage your skin or get skin cancer while out in the sun.

The one downfall of this product is that it is relatively pricey, coming it at $57 a tub. The tub will late you awhile. And again, I usually try to buy mine at Macys or Lord and Taylor or another department store while Lancome is in gift, so that a bunch of additional free make-up and a purse will sweeten the deal and make my wallet feel a little less beaten up.

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