Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gillette Venus Embrace Disposable Razor

I am not normally a fan of disposable razors. I'm a bit of a tree hugger and think that the fewer "disposable" products society has the better. I own a Venus razor and normally just buy the replaceable cartridges for it, because even though these are disposable cartridges as well, I feel like they are less of a waste, and as a lady, shave the old fashioned way would most likely be tedious, time consuming, and possibly just a littly ridiculous.

However, there are certain situations where having a disposable razor is key. Mainly, travelling. Boyfriend and I often go on trips, and while I used to take my permanent razor on these trips, I have been know to leave it places (such as cruise ship cabins) where I know it won't ever be returned to me. Or, I've stupidly packed in it one of my carry ons, and the airport kindly confiscated it.

Another down side to disposable razors is that I do not feel that they work as well as a regular razor does. But these Venus Embrace ones appear to be the exception to the rule. These disposables are ALMOST as good as my regular razor, my legs are left silky and smooth and no razor burn is created.

The cost, for the fact that these razors are meant to be thrown out, is a little off-putting. However, I can usually find a coupon or two, when combined with something like my CVS xtra bucks, makes the price a little more reasonable.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lancome Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Quad Modern Edge

So as always, I wait to buy Lancome products until one of the Lancome counters is in gift. These days Lancome is in Macys, Lord & Taylor, Boscovs, Sephora, etc. So there are a variety of choices in looking for a counter that is in gift.

The palette itself is good eyeshadow. The shadow is long lasting and wears well throughout the night, without smudging or disappearing on you. And I'm also fond of the color combination in this specific palette as it can be used to create a nice brown smokey eye when using all of the colors, or the colors can be worn individually and still create a nice look.

The one downside to this eyeshadow is the cost. This palette of four is a bit expensive when compared to other eyeshadows that have the same or better quality. Some of this cost can be offset if you do purchase it when a free gift is included, and that might be enough to make you choose this brand, but I personally prefer Chanel's eye quartets. The Chanel quartets are roughly the same price and are a higher quality product in my mind.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Clinique - Superpowder Double Face Makeup

Clinique has a reputation for being the not-expensive, "expensive" cosmetic. Their little cases give women and girls a one-up on their cohorts and they fish their little green status symbol out of their make-up cases.

However, the reason for the price shows when you try the product. It's a standard drug store powder. It works about the same as any $5 powder I can get in cheaper packaging from CVS or Wal-mart. You have to hand it to Clinique for a billirant marketing campaign though, they are probably raking it in hand over fist on this product.

Granted, when purchasing this product from a department store, you can usually wait until the Clinique counter goes into gift, so that you can get a pile of free make-up goodies with your purchase. And I am actually quite fond of some of Clinique's mascaras and mascara prep products, and some of their multi-colored blushes and bronzers.

So while I don't frown upon the whole Clinique brand, (as you remember, I adore their All About Eyes Moisturizer) I feel like their powders are primarily a rip off, and you're paying for the brand at this point. Because this product is no better or worse than a Revlon or Rimmel powder.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

So you would think from the name, that Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, would be dramtically different than the rest of the moisturizers on the market. Sadly, it is not. Now granted, it is less expensive that many of the department store moisturizers out there, but it is still significantly more expensive than a drug store moisturizer.

My main problem with this moisturizer is that it is SUPER greasy, it almost feels almost sticky, both on my fingers when I apply, as well as on my face. And even after I have rubbed this moisturizer into my skin, it feels most like bug repellant than moisturizer.

And another turn-off is that there are artificial colors added to this moisturizer. And any reason the creators might have chosen to do that is absolutely beyond me. I prefer my moisturizer to not have any color.

I prefer Nivea's skin so soft or any of the Dove or Neutrogena moisturizers to this. For about one third the price, you can get a moisturizer that actually feels like it is hydrating your skin. And of course, you all know that my FAVORITE moisturizer is Lancome's Hydra Zen for Dry Skin ... but that of course, comes with a steeper price tag.

The one upside, is that I purchased this program, as I do all of my department store moisturizer purchases, when Clinique was in gift. So I did accumulate a bunch of free make-up when I bought this product, which made me feel a little bit better about wasting money on this over-promising product.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover

So I keep waiting for the day when they will come out with a nail polish remover that does not smell AWFUL. The amonia/alcohol smell that comes with all of these products is awful, it bothers me, it bothers my boyfriend, it bothers my cat.

But I'm beginning to think that such a thing does not exist, so one has to make the best of what is around. This Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover is not bad. You can normally find the product at a decent price, and occastionally there are even additional coupons out there for it as well.

This product is easy to use and combined with cotton balls is a quick and easy way to get the polish off of your hands and toes. And you don't need to use half the bottle to take one coat of polish off of your toes as opposed to some of the nail polish removers out there.

But as to this product's claims of being "nourishing" for your nails or skin, I'm going to have to call foul-play. This product dries out skin and nails at pretty much the same rate that any other nail polish remover does.