Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gillette Venus Embrace Disposable Razor

I am not normally a fan of disposable razors. I'm a bit of a tree hugger and think that the fewer "disposable" products society has the better. I own a Venus razor and normally just buy the replaceable cartridges for it, because even though these are disposable cartridges as well, I feel like they are less of a waste, and as a lady, shave the old fashioned way would most likely be tedious, time consuming, and possibly just a littly ridiculous.

However, there are certain situations where having a disposable razor is key. Mainly, travelling. Boyfriend and I often go on trips, and while I used to take my permanent razor on these trips, I have been know to leave it places (such as cruise ship cabins) where I know it won't ever be returned to me. Or, I've stupidly packed in it one of my carry ons, and the airport kindly confiscated it.

Another down side to disposable razors is that I do not feel that they work as well as a regular razor does. But these Venus Embrace ones appear to be the exception to the rule. These disposables are ALMOST as good as my regular razor, my legs are left silky and smooth and no razor burn is created.

The cost, for the fact that these razors are meant to be thrown out, is a little off-putting. However, I can usually find a coupon or two, when combined with something like my CVS xtra bucks, makes the price a little more reasonable.

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