Friday, July 16, 2010

Clinique - Superpowder Double Face Makeup

Clinique has a reputation for being the not-expensive, "expensive" cosmetic. Their little cases give women and girls a one-up on their cohorts and they fish their little green status symbol out of their make-up cases.

However, the reason for the price shows when you try the product. It's a standard drug store powder. It works about the same as any $5 powder I can get in cheaper packaging from CVS or Wal-mart. You have to hand it to Clinique for a billirant marketing campaign though, they are probably raking it in hand over fist on this product.

Granted, when purchasing this product from a department store, you can usually wait until the Clinique counter goes into gift, so that you can get a pile of free make-up goodies with your purchase. And I am actually quite fond of some of Clinique's mascaras and mascara prep products, and some of their multi-colored blushes and bronzers.

So while I don't frown upon the whole Clinique brand, (as you remember, I adore their All About Eyes Moisturizer) I feel like their powders are primarily a rip off, and you're paying for the brand at this point. Because this product is no better or worse than a Revlon or Rimmel powder.

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