Friday, March 26, 2010

Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara

Hands down, my all time favorite mascara. A bit on the expensive side, (at $30 a tube) but aren't all things that are truly worth it?

This mascara does not smudge or run. You can wear it all day long and never have that unsightly thick line of black on your lower lid or underneath your eyes. It functions better than all waterproof mascaras.

I have tried dozens of mascaras. Literally dozens. Cheap ones, expensive ones, name brand ones, designer ones, unheard of ones, waterproof ones. But this is the only mascara I have ever had where I could wear it all day and not have to wipe below my eyes.

I've worn it to the gym, and not had it smudge. I bought some for my sister for her wedding, she cried her eyes out and it did not smudge.

Another huge plus, is that it comes in four colours. Black, brown, marine and violet. I currently use the black and the violet, because the violet makes my green eyes look greener. I am in love with the Exceptionnel de Chanel in violet. It is my most favourite mascara.


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