Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colgate Luminous Crystal Clean Mint Toothpaste

I tried this toothpaste, because I had a coupon for it, which made it extremely less expensive than my usual toothpaste. All in all, it is a decent toothpaste, the minty flavor is much more appealing than a cinnamon or bubble gum toothpaste would be. And my mouth does feel clean after brushing.

The one downfall to this toothpaste is the fact that it does not really whiten my teeth. I prefer the Colgate Total products that have whitening qualities in addition to cleaning and cavity prevention. My teeth are not so extremely yellowed that I need to ALWAYS use whitening products, but I do like to maintain a certain level of white in my teeth, as I am a coffee drinker.

1 comment:

  1. How about you treat your teeth with baking soda after brushing with the Luminous Crystal? I really can't find a good teeth whitening paste, since I can't get anything that has tartar build-up prevention. I hope in the future, people will be able to invent THE ULTIMATE TOOTHPASTE.

    Bianca Jackson