Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths

As most of you know, I am a coupon-diva, and as per usual, this is one of the products I tried because I had a coupon for it. A buy-one-get-one no less. And it's a good thing I did try this product, because they are WONDERFUL for travelling.

These cloths are packaged dry and soap up when wet. You merely have to take one cloth out of the box, apply a little water and later. The cloth makes enough lather to thoroughly clean your face and then you can rinse the cloth out and use it to rinse your face as well.

I don't feel that I get as good of a clean from this as when I use my normal exfoliating cleansing products, but I feel like these cloths make an excellent travelling cleanser. There's nothing about them that can spill or explode in your luggage, and they do well enough, they remove all of your make-up and leave your face feeling clean. And while I may not get as deep of a clean from this as I do my favorite cleanser, it does not dry out my face as much as exfoliating products often do.

One other downside might be that without a coupon, these cloths can be a little pricey. But I find coupons for this product fairly often, so it doesn't appear hard to find a way to make them less expensive.

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